Restaurants in Mission

  • With a busy schedule I find myself eating out a fair amount.  There are a few establishments in town that I think are excellent!  When you are here in Mission looking at properties with me, here are some great options for lunch! The Mission Station Grill recently opened and is a great family restaurant.  Their house made hot sauce is awesome.  Everything we have tried in the 3 or 4 times my family and I have been there has been excellent. Check out Mission Station Grill’s Website
  • The Sweet Spot Cafe on First Avenue has great quality homemade ingredients and serves soups, sandwiches and awesome baked goods.  Their patio is an great place to have lunch in the summertime.  Check out their Facebook Page ]
  • Athenas Bar & Grill recently opened here in town.  My family and I went there last week for Souvlaki and were very impressed.  Their greek salad & Ceasar Salad dressings are both awesome and their Pita Bread is homemade.  We cannot wait to go back and sample some of the other items on their menu.  They don’t have a website that I am aware of but here is their information from the Urban Spoon 
  • Embers BBQ House.  This is Mission’s hidden BBQ gem.  It is located off the beaten path and has some awesome casual grub.  The greatest French Fries, pulled pork and from time to time on a lucky day they serve Brisket.  Everything I have tried here has been unbelievable. Embers Website


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