I have lived in Mission my whole life. As a realtor, I find it interesting to learn new things about the city I am working in and enjoy sharing these facts with my clients. Take a look at the intriguing list below about Mission, BC. Whether you have lived here your whole life, or just moved here, there are so many things to learn about the city we love.
1. In 1946, Mission was trying to promote itself as the Strawberry Capital of Canada. There was a festival held that entailed a parade and crowning of a strawberry king and queen.
2. The largest employer in Mission is the School District #75.
3. The official name of The Westminster Abbey is the Abbey of Saint Joseph of Westminster.
4. Mission was the site of the first train robbery in Canada in 1904.
5. Stave Falls Dam and Powerhouse is a National Historic Site of Canada.
6. The Clarke Foundation Theatre has an orchestra pit and 20 trap doors in the stage.
7. There is no fee to partake in the annual Candlelight Parade.
8. Mission has an official tartan that has been registered in Scotland.