When selling your home there are many different influences that determine the outcome of your home selling. Influences like upkeep, a great location and inventory can all have an impact on your home sale. There is, however, one factor that home sellers may tend to neglect: access. Though it can be difficult to keep your home open for viewings, it is one of the most crucial elements of a buyer making a purchase. A buyer wants to see the home in person and when it is difficult to work around a specific schedule, that can be a large deterrent that can cause a loss in sale. The more flexible your schedule is for home viewings the more likely it is to sell faster. We all have busy lives on top of the extra stress of selling a home, but keep in mind that a buyer is more inclined to purchase a home they have actually seen than one they have not. If you have questions about what times are best to keep your home open for viewings contact me today.