I like to keep up to date with the new devices out there that can help myself and my clients’ lives easier. From easier, smarter and sometimes just cooler, take a look at some great gadgets that are out on the market today. You don’t have to be tech savvy to enjoy these innovative mechanisms!

Garage Door Opener-If you have a smartphone this accessory will work for your garage. With features like automatically opening your garage door for you when you are a certain distance away and automatically close it as well, this gadget will definitely make your life easier. Forgot to close your garage door when you left your home? This opener can close it from anywhere.
Crock-Pot-Think the crock-pot couldn’t get any better? Well now, Belkin has created a crock-pot that can be controlled from your smartphone. For on those days you are at the office for longer than you thought, you can rest easy that your food is not being overcooked or getting cold.
Humidity Monitor-Living in a rainforest, condensation is something we deal with on a daily basis so we understand the importance of proper ventilation. If your home does not have a decent fan in the bathroom you could be dealing with mold in the future. This product by Leviton automatically turns itself on by measuring the humidity levels in the air. Take care of your home with this great feature.