Often, the start of a new year sparks plans for the future and contemplating relocation, downsizing or upgrading to a new home.

This is the perfect time to examine the current real estate market and invite an expert in the field to evaluate your property and help you explore your prospects—or help you navigate the local market in your hunt for that perfect property.

Selling Your Home in 2019

I provide a complimentary market analysis and property evaluation. I’d be happy to sit down with you when it’s convenient to present current listings and recent sales in your area, and advise you on the best ways to market your home—No pressure to commit to anything! This is a get-to-know-you meeting, and a way to help you understand your next steps.

Before considering selling, make sure your home is primed and ready. Consider the following:

  • Complete repairs, painting and decluttering
  • Clean, organize and prep your home for potential buyers
  • Improve the curb appeal of your home
  • Analyze your financial situation and whether you want to buy or sell first.

I prepared a 10 STEP GUIDE TO SELLING YOUR HOME, which I hope you find helpful.

Buying Your Home in 2019

2018 created a bit of a worrying situation for some new buyers or those who were looking to relocate and remortgage. I wrote about some of the changes to the real estate regulations, mortgage rules and taxes and how they affected buyers HERE.

If you have questions about the 2019 real estate market, and want expert guidance to help you purchase a home, call or email me anytime. I’m available to answer your questions and concerns.

I have several informative blog posts on my website to provide tips and demystify the sometimes complex world of real estate. One that many of my clients found helpful was 10 STEPS TO BUYING YOUR NEXT HOME.

Most of the questions I get from new buyers are about finances and what the first steps are—it can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be! You need the right people in your corner from the get go.

TIPS to Buying Your First Home and MORTGAGE TIPS can be found HERE!

CONTACT ME today to start your journey into selling or buying real estate in 2019!