Are you looking at the Mission B.C. real estate market for your new home? Now that home search is so accessible online, you may wonder: How can a REALTOR® help me? A REALTOR® provides you with many services besides simply showing you homes. There is a lot more that happens behind the scenes than you may realize.

Here are five reasons you’ll want to work with a REALTOR® in Mission B.C. to buy your home:

1. You want your best interests represented.

REALTOR®s are trained negotiators. Real estate transactions not only require lots of paperwork and legal knowledge, but they’re a major financial negotiation between homebuyers and sellers. A REALTOR®’s experience allows them to say the right things, at the right time, to ensure you get a fair price on fair terms.

2. You want insider information on new home listings.

REALTOR®s work day-in and day-out in the Mission B.C. real estate market. They are always sharing information on new listings and market trends so they can find the best match for your home. Often, REALTOR®s have a large network of other REALTOR®s in the area and are notified about properties before they are listed on the market which can get you access to the home before the general public.

3. You want to see the most potential homes.

REALTOR®s in Mission B.C. have the knowledge to find homes that you may not have considered. There may be a new neighbourhood that you are not aware of, but could be a good fit; or perhaps moving just outside of the district may lead to a faster commute. Similarly, they can tell you the history behind a home or neighbourhood and whether they consider it the right fit for you. This can be extremely helpful especially if you are moving into a new city or town.

Top 5 Ways a REALTOR in Mission B.C. will Help you Buy your Home 2

REALTOR®s also complete ongoing education that provides them with knowledge to minimize your risk.

4. You want a smooth home purchase process.

Buying a home is exciting, but the process involves a lot of paperwork, legal details, and negotiation which requires knowledge and experience. When you buy a home you need to know the right people to speak with, have all the documents signed, and make sure everything is scheduled and completed at the right time.

A REALTOR® knows this process inside and out and will guide you step-by-step as it progresses to ensure you don’t miss important documents or misunderstand legal terminology as these accidents can delay or halt a home purchase.  A REALTOR® will explain the complex process and terms and will organize a timeline that considers your needs.

5. You want connections to trusted professional services.

REALTOR®s are connected to other real estate professionals in Mission B.C. besides other REALTOR®s. If you need a lawyer or notary republic, need help moving, want to have an appraisal done, are looking for storage, want to have painting completed after you move, or need mortgage pre-approval, REALTOR®s have connections with all of these professionals.

If you’re thinking of buying or selling your home in the Mission B.C. real estate market, a REALTOR®’s professional knowledge, marketing experience, and negotiation skills will make your  home purchase or sale as smooth, stress free and profitable as possible.

If you have any questions about hiring a REALTOR® in Mission B.C., or about the current market, please contact me. I’m here to help!