Who doesn’t want to get the most value when they sell their home? You’ve probably heard friends and family say that they need to do renovations before they put their house on the market. It’s always a good idea to get your home into tip-top shape before you sell, but a Mission, BC REALTOR® can tell you that some major updates won’t actually help you sell your home for the most value.

Before you invest the time or absorb the cost for a major renovation, here are seven small fixes that can boost your home’s value without an overhaul.

#1 Add a coat of paint, inside and out.
Looks matter when selling a home. Simply applying a coat of neutral coloured paint makes your home seem newer and feel more open as buyers walk around at an open house. Plus, bigger, cleaner spaces look more valuable both in person and in online photos.

If your kids picked the colour of their room you’ll want to paint over the pink rainbows and super hero colours before you list it. Bold and bright walls distract buyers and make them think it’ll be a lot of work to repaint.

#2 Make small energy efficiency upgrades.
Homebuyers nowadays are asking more and more for past utility bills. A few small improvements can make a difference to your home’s energy efficiency, such as: applying caulking to windows and exterior door frames, adding insulation to the attic, replacing old exterior doors with more modern, insulated ones, and making sure furnace filters are clean.

#3 Keep up maintenance.
It might seem like a little thing, but that peeling shingle or broken step could be a red flag to buyers. Clean your home’s eaves, fix broken window panes, secure guardrails, and tackle the little projects that you’ve been putting off before you list your home.

Also, your Mission, BC REALTOR® can point out home maintenance issues to address so you can avoid more costly problems later, such as fixing a pipe before that small leak causes mold.

#4 Add a modern touch.
7 reno-free ways to increase the value of your homeWhat are the most popular home renovations? Kitchens and bathrooms. Why? Because these rooms get a lot of wear and tear, and their style tends to become dated quickly. Instead of ripping out your cupboards, simply adding new light fixtures and faucets can modernize the space without you having to commit to a big renovation.

To make your home even more appealing, consider replacing dated or damaged flooring. Even if you just put down clean, new laminate or engineered wood floors, it can make a real difference in the eyes of a homebuyer. The less work they feel they will have to do on your home, the more valuable it will seem.

#5 Boost your curb appeal.
Most buyers drive by a property before viewing it. This is your home’s first impression, so make it count! Attract more buyers with neatly trimmed hedges, a tidy yard, and replace or seal cracked walkways. A well-kept home looks newer and shows its full value inside and out.

Also, make sure the entryway and door are polished and welcoming. Stage the entrance with inviting plants, a chair, and make sure the door is painted and its handle is shining.

Your home’s curb appeal sets the tone for how buyers will view the interior. If you don’t have the time, your Mission, BC REALTOR® can recommend many local companies that specialize in landscaping and yard clean up specifically for selling your home.

#6 Ask your Mission, BC REALTOR® to stage your home.
Homebuyers need to be able to picture themselves in your home. That’s why staged homes tend to sell faster, for more money. Your REALTOR® will help you: depersonalize the rooms by removing your decor and photos; rearrange furniture to make the spaces seem bigger; and make sure everything is tidy and clean. Consider working with a professional home stager who can make the home look more modern by adding furniture and lighting.

Bonus: A well-staged property looks even better in online pictures, which is typically the first place buyers will view your home.

#7 Create more space.
7 reno-free ways to increase the value of your homeBesides staging your home, consider minimizing the furniture and personal belongings in each room when you prepare to sell. Space is invaluable to buyers. If you put things in storage and rearrange rooms you can show off the full space of your home. That way buyers see its full potential.

These simple updates and fixes help to attract more buyers and make sure they see the most value in your home when they put forward offers. Your Mission, BC REALTOR® can offer local advice and connect you with trusted professional service providers.

If you’re wondering how you can add value to your own home, feel free to contact me anytime.

I’m here to help.