With so many incredible homes for sale in Mission B.C., there are open houses happening all the time. As a home buyer, you want to make the most out of your time and each home you visit.

If you have ever visited multiple open houses in a single day you may have felt overwhelmed. Perhaps it was even difficult to remember which home had the incredible soaker tub or the dream kitchen you loved.

Preparing beforehand and having goals in mind while attending open houses can give you an advantage over other buyers and make the process of buying a new home a lot simpler in the end.

Here are some tips and guidelines to consider before you visit your next open house:

Before you attend an open house:

  • Do some research or ask your REALTOR® if there are any open houses that fit your criteria which you should look at. Once you have identified all of the open houses you want to visit plan out your route beforehand. This way you can save time, create a schedule that’s convenient for you and avoid driving back and forth.
  • Review each property and make a list of any pros and cons or questions that you have about the listing.
  • Print off copies of the listing’s information to bring with you and a pen for writing notes. Or, if you prefer, you can take notes on your mobile device.
  • Know your list of wants and needs for homes. It’s easy to be wowed by perfectly staged homes, so make sure you don’t get sidetracked.
  • Ask your REALTOR® for some of their business cards to provide to the open house agent. This way, they can communicate directly with each other to address your questions.
  • Wear socks and easy to remove shoes on the day of the open house so it’s convenient for you to slip them off when you arrive.

When you arrive at the open house:

  • Make sure to knock first before entering.
  • Most likely a REALTOR® will be there to greet you and to provide information on the home and how the open house viewing will take place. This is important for everyone’s security and to ensure you get all the details you need up front.
  • Remove your shoes at the door (which is why wearing socks is important). Remember, this is still someone’s home.
  • As you explore the home take notes on the back of the listing printout or on your mobile device. Write questions you have about the property so that you or your REALTOR® can request answers later.
  • Ask the agent if photos are allowed and, if so, take some to help you remember key details. A little tip: Take a picture of the listing paper before you start taking pictures of the home. Then you’ll know when one home ends and another home begins.
  • Present your REALTOR®’s card to the open house agent so they can follow up with them directly.

After you leave the open house:

  • Have a debrief session with your spouse, friends or REALTOR® before heading off to the next listing. What did you like, what did you not like? Sometimes open houses give you a better idea of what you want in a home, even if the property wasn’t your perfect fit. Learning from each property you visit will help you and your REALTOR® be more effective at finding suitable listings.

After you have seen all the open houses:

  • Go through all of the listings, photos and notes you took. Reach out to your REALTOR® or the listing agent with any questions as soon as possible.
  • Review your list of must-haves for homes. Did you discover any new ones by attending the open house(s)? Did anything on your list turn out to be unimportant?
  • Book a private viewing. If you are on the fence and want a second look at a property you saw at an open house, don’t hesitate to book a private viewing. That way you can take a closer look at the home. It’s a big commitment and you want to confirm that the home is perfect for you.

By keeping these ideas in mind before, during, and after an open house, you’ll spend your time wisely and ensure you have the details you need to take any next steps.

If there’s a house for sale in Mission B.C. that you’d like to see, contact me and I’d be happy to help arrange a viewing for you.